I got some CSS code which I might included in my work but im not sure that it would fit into my web page in black and white so would like to work out how to change the colours, which words it will except for each colour. As the code is now it makes a link which is black with a white outline and then white with a black line when it is hovered over. Link

a:link {

color: white;

background-color: black;

text-decoration: none;

border: 2px solid white; 



a:visited {

color: white;

background-color: black;

text-decoration: none;

border: 2px solid white; 



a:hover {

color: black;

background-color: white;

text-decoration: none;

border: 2px solid black; 



I have worked out how to change the colours but i felt that this didnt 

work well in my website as i want to keep my website simple.

My webpage is now online and working correctly! I had to change HTML script to create a link to the images as I had put them in a folder called Lucy Wilson. This would not work because there where spaces and capital letters in the file name. I also did not put a link to my wordpress account from the webpage so I had to write the HTML script to add this into my page. I also had to re-link the images as well because I had left some spaces in the names. I have learnt, the hard way, not to leave spaces and capital letters in my naming of images and pages.

I also had some problems with my flash not working, I have found this is because I had not uploaded the script to my page.

Im so happy that it is online, working correctly after some editing of the script!


My Website

I am unable to work out why images will not work on the, i have made a image folder but this is still not working so I will hand in a copy of my site on USB stick as well.

During the lecture it was said that second life is a pyramid scheme and that only the top people in the business are getting money. I couldn’t stop thinking about why real business are putting there money into fake land. What are they getting out of this and are they making any money? I also found out that Coventry University has made then selves a second life equivalent so what can we get there? I thought that we would be able to go to virtual lectures but it doesnt appear that we can, there is a library, theater, shops and math center. I would not consider this useful enough for me to sign up to second life and for them to have spent so much money on.


The convergents of business with the internet is not an uncommon thing but do you really need to put so much money into this. I understand its a good place for companies to advertise and potentially make money but I dont think that they can get a lot of money out of this virtual world. Over $500,000 USD into second life and what does this go to? People are also getting money back from second life through business, Ailin Graef has been buying virtual land on second life and then making properties and selling or renting them out and has made a real $1million USD.


So a business can be made from second life and money can also be lost though it. So does this virtual world show us what the world could be like in the future?

I have been looking at how I can create my own button for my flash slide show and have found a flash tutorial website and then on this website a speiffic creating buttons tutorial. I will try and use this to create a button for my site but if it doesnt work out correctly then I will use the buttons on flash. If this works then I may try shinny buttons but im not sure that I understand it fully!

I also found instructions on the workshop that we did today so when I forget this later then I can go back to it and refresh my self. Page

The world is flat

This is about how technology has flattened the world so that it has become easier to access other businesses and technologies. It also has the connotation that when a technology is finished with it just floats off the edge of the world into the obis. 


The introduction of Netscape meant that the internet because easy to access by any one, therefore making it a flat technology. You did not have to have any education in the technology of the internet but could just learn it yourself as you go along. This then developed into the computers being able to talk to each other with out human interaction, meaning that you can tell a computer what you want and they will find it. For example something everyone uses regularly search engines!


The internet has become so diverse that we can now collaborate on the internet to talk about what ever we want and other people can read this when ever they want. People can now talk to other people in different countries and not have to worry about where they are and having to find them, they just can search for them.


Business have now taken advantage of being able to move there industry to other countries to get cheap labour and still being able to talk to them via the internet. This makes physical places far away but close together via technologies. 


Triple convergents

The introduction of new smaller technologies such as mobile phones with internet and instant messenger has made technology changes speed up at humans speed up there daily life’s and need the technology to keep up. As one technology changes it makes another one change, all technologies are now interlinked. For example:

The introduction of HD camera – The means we need HD TV’s, editing software, more advanced cables to transfer the HD information etc etc etc. 


This has meant that humans have had to learn how to use this software constantly as it is changing. This means frequent training and the convergence of different sectors of a business training each other and building on each others skills. Also the convergence of different countries has made the worlds industries stronger and brought new skills to different countries.

10th February 09

When I was creating my original website I was trying to work out how to create a website that had a left nav bar. I was able to create the nav bar but then the image would not insert next to the nav bar. I was getting annoyed that I couldnt work out how to do this so I tried to research this on the internet but i still couldnt understand how to create the page I had in my head. I changed the nar bar so that it was at the top in the center and the image was underneath.


The next workshop solved the problem of a left nav with using div tags, i was able to section off parts of the screen so that the images could go in one section and the writing/links in another. I have research div tags and from what I understand they can be used in the same way as CSS, but im not sure if this is correct. I think I will do some more research on div tags and also play around on dream weaver to see what works as some times I cant seem to find the correct information on the internet.